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Visitor information

How to find Danfysik


Danfysik A/S
Gregersensvej 8
DK-2630 Taastrup


Driving instructions:

By car from Copenhagen:  Motorway No. 21 towards Sjællands Odde, exit 6, turn left (Hveen Boulevard), then right (Helgeshøj Allé / Gregersensvej) and find the main entrance of the ‘Teknologisk Institut’ campus, parking areas on the right, find building 8.


Public transport:

By train to Høje Taastrup Station, bus 400S towards Lyngby Station, exit at ‘Teknologisk Institut’ on Gregersensvej, find building 8.

ANL Q1.png

First Quadrupole magnet series for ANL completed

Aug 09 2019 After award in 2017 the first Quadrupole magnet series named Q1, 81 pcs. for Arg…


For more information contact

Henning Bach

Vice President Sales and Marketing